Infinity Blue Hand Towel
Infinity Blue Hand Towel

Infinity Blue Hand Towel

Infinity small towels is your irreplaceable help in your kitchen and bathroom with its fast drying and absorbent weave.
Can be used in the kitchen as a hand towel, dish cloth or potholder. In the bathroom as a face, hair, hand or guest towel. At the dinner table as a napkin. You can easily use to dry your baby. It is soft and natural product.

100% Cotton
50 x 100 cm

Very light, approx 90 grams.

Dries quickly.

Machine-wash at 30º C with similar colors.
Do not use detergents with bleaching additives and fabric softener.
Do not tumble dry.

COLORS: Blue, Turquoise, White Fuchsia, Fuchsia, White Light Grey


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